Where to buy a Netflix gift card

Netflix is a great app for those who are fans of quality movies and shows. If you plan to use the program on your Smart TV, make sure you buy a premium subscription, because it’s the only way to watch content in Ultra HD. You can buy a Netflix gift card here.

Content in the Netflix app

Producing its own content, which is hugely popular, is the main difference between Netflix and many of the same-type online movie theaters. A couple of years ago, Netflix was only available to English-speaking audiences. Today, the company is expanding its territory of influence, so the video service is now available in other countries around the world. All the new movies, series, cartoons, and TV shows appear with professional dubbing in different languages. Users also have the opportunity to play content in English with subtitles. The program has a convenient search by genre, popularity, and new releases. Netflix also provides content for children. Parents can create an account for their child, which will screen out movies marked 16+ or higher.

What you need Netflix for

So, we’ve figured out what the Netflix app is, installed on most TVs with Smart TV functionality. Now it’s a good time to take a closer look at the program and its functionality. In the program of the same name, a person will be able to find all the movies available on the Netflix website. This way, he is not limited to anything, and the convenient navigation in the application, which is carried out with a remote control or voice assistant, allows you to find the desired movie or series in a couple of seconds.

Most of today’s Netflix content consists of movies and series of its own production. They regularly win awards from experts and are incredibly popular with viewers. If you ask the average person today what TV series they liked best, they would probably name the Netflix product.

Monthly subscription prices on Netflix

A person familiar with various online movie theaters is used to being able to watch a certain number of movies and series for free. But Netflix has its own policy. Viewing is done only after a subscription. And the type of subscription depends not so much on the amount of content provided, but on the quality of its playback.

The most affordable plan called Basic costs €8. It gives the client access to all the content available on the site. But simultaneous viewing is only available on one device. And HD resolution is disabled. Movies and series will have to watch in SD-quality. Standard is the optimal subscription. First, it opens HD-quality video. Secondly, viewing becomes available on two screens at once. This is quite enough for the average user. Well, for those who are not used to denying themselves anything, it is worth recommending the Premium tariff. It opens 4K quality for some movies and TV shows, and also allows simultaneous viewing on four screens.

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