The list of foods that destroy testosterone

Testosterone is one of the most important hormones that regulate the functioning of the male body. Reducing or increasing the amount of testosterone leads to malfunction of individual organs and the body as a whole. This hormone performs the following tasks in important body processes:

  • sperm production;
  • formation of bone and muscle tissue;
  • development of the secondary reproductive organs;
  • development of the male reproductive organs.

Foods of the legume family

Not all legume products destroy testosterone. However, beans, lentils, and soybeans destroy testosterone and sexual desire. Although beans contain 12% more protein than buckwheat, in addition, beans have a complex of vitamins, and it would seem that they are great for sportsmen.

Yes, but only for women. Why? In the above mentioned products there is estrogen (female hormone), and this hormone will easily accumulate in a man’s body. Have you paid attention to the fact that some men have a large amount of fat around the abdomen or legs, an increase in breasts? This indicates that the male body has become dominated by the female hormone. And to prevent the accumulation of this hormone it is necessary to exclude products in which it is present. If this did not help to return a normal erection, you can use products from the siteĀ


Caffeine penetrates the blood and blocks the synthesis of sperm, in other words, for a certain period of time shuts down the action of testosterone. In addition, it promotes the release of adrenaline. This, in turn, makes the nervous system weaker. In order not to harm the body by drinking caffeinated beverages, you should not consume more than two cups of coffee or three cups of tea a day. Only natural coffee should be consumed. Instant coffee includes ingredients that weaken the male erection.

Consumption of unloved food

It may seem abnormal, but you have to love the food you eat! It is not a figment of our imagination and we didn’t make it up ourselves, this information exists. A person who eats unloved food is exposed to the stress hormone cortisol, this happens unconsciously. What is the danger of cortisol? This hormone destroys muscle tissue, and it directly affects the decrease in testosterone levels. However, the foods you love help raise dopamine, the happiness hormone.


A man can consume no more than three grams of salt per day. It promotes an increase in blood pressure and fluid retention in the body, it has a negative impact on men’s health.


Everybody likes potatoes and everybody cooks them, fries them or boils them. But this seemingly favorite product has some hidden characteristics. Many people of other nations don’t eat this product more than 1-2 times in 30 days, what’s the reason? Potatoes are considered a fast food. They contain a lot of starch, which in turn is converted into sugar and stimulates the production of insulin. And when the pancreas is depleted, the work of all internal organs deteriorates, and testosterone production also decreases.

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