How to correctly use different guns in CS:GO

The current situation with pistols in CS:GO is far from perfect, but we should still be able to use them effectively. So, let’s take a look at a few principles of pistol training and analyze this type of weapon in CS:GO.

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Peculiarities of shooting with different pistols

  1. P2000 pistol. Let’s start with the standard counter-terrorist P2000 pistol. It’s a far cry from the USP that was in CS 1.6 and CS:S, but it’s still an acceptable option for the pistol round. Being able to save money on buying other pistols, gives us a lot of options. You can buy armor, grenades, and sapper pincers, and these “perks” can give a big advantage over terrorists buying other pistols. The P2000 is very easy to use. You have 13 rounds, if you control yourself and shoot slowly, get high accuracy shooting. The whole secret is to shoot slowly.
  2. Glock-18 pistol. As for the Glock, which is the terrorist starter pistol, it is still too under powered. You can kill a CT player with armor with only two hits to the head. The three round firing mode has become useless in the glock. I try to avoid it for as long as possible. Despite its shortcomings, the Glock-18 is the most suitable option for the pistol round.
  3. The P250 is a pistol with a very attractive price (only $300), slightly more accurate than the P2000 (when slow firing), and more powerful. This pistol is very handy and inexpensive. Combined with grenades, the P250 is a suitable option for eco rounds. Shooting with the P250 is exactly the same as with the P2000. Shoot slowly one round at a time and all your rounds will fly exactly on target. If you panic and start shooting fast, you won’t see much result.
  4. Deagle and Five-Seven. The game specs state that the five-seven gun is as accurate and powerful as the P250. In practice, it feels more accurate but less powerful. You can fire the 5-7 continuously and the bullets will hit the target accurately. In my opinion, this version of the glock is for the CT side. The shooting and deagle is similar to the awp – you can’t shoot while moving, and have to shoot in a one shot/pause pattern. The delay between shots must be noticeable if you want them to be accurate. This does not mean that you have to avoid firing again. Of course, you can’t take -5 shots in a row at your opponents’ heads like you did in CS:Source. Don’t forget that a normal deagle hit does significant damage. For example, a shot to the torso, protected by armor, will take away 50 hp from your opponent. With a deagle you should play it carefully, shooting slowly and aiming carefully. Protect your $800 investment.

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