Description of Testoviron

Testoviron Depot (250 mg / ml , 1ml) is a renowned steroid drug from Bayer Schering Pharma . On the one hand, it differs in a rather powerful effect, on the other hand, in a relatively long action: the anabolic- androgenic index is similar to that of endogenous testosterone – 100%; the half-life reaches 5-7 days after the injection. The active ingredient here is a prolonged testosterone ester ( enanthate ).

The main properties of Testoviron

Like most testosterone esters, enanthate was originally synthesized as a drug. In particular, it is intended for hormone replacement therapy and has the following indications for use:

  • Delays in sexual development in boys;
  • impotence or signs of male menopause;
  • Post-castration syndrome, eunuchoidism;
  • Osteoporosis due to androgen deficiency.

Among the jocks, Testoviron Depot 250 is widespread due to such effects as:

  1. Increased muscle mass (muscle hypertrophy);
  2. Pumping ;
  3. Growth of power indicators;
  4. Increasing endurance, performance;
  5. Acceleration of recovery;
  6. Increased libido;
  7. Increased appetite;
  8. Improving the function of ligaments and joints.

Reviews note that the drug is also able to increase the desire to exercise, increasing the motivational aspect. On our website:

We strongly do not recommend to abuse injections, because they have not only positive qualities. Typically, side effects of Testoviron are characterized as androgenic or estrogenic:

  • Acne , decreased libido, baldness, testicular atrophy;
  • Water accumulation, increased blood pressure, gynecomastia.

Complaints of pain or discomfort due to steroid injections are virtually non-existent.

How to apply?

Testoviron Depot 1ml is intended for injection, intramuscular use. Effective doses range from 500 to 750 mg (2-3 ml) per week. This is the average dosage for men. For women, it is contraindicated, since there is a high risk of masculinization of the body, which is associated with consequences for appearance and health.

If you take iron sport, the course Testoviron can last 8-10 weeks of order . Then the exit from the course begins (2-3 weeks) and post-cycle therapy (3-4 weeks) takes place . To normalize the hormonal background, they drink testosterone boosters, vitamins and minerals, and most importantly, clomiphene citrate or tamoxifen . The last two active ingredients are estrogen receptor blockers with the ability to restore testosterone synthesis.

Note: in case the jump estrogenic activity or symptoms of testicular atrophy keep on hand anastrozole (an inhibitor of aromatase ) and Pr oviron ( Mesterolone ) respectively. More details here:

Combined courses

Popular combinations of Testoviron with other steroids:

1. For a beginner – with boldenone undecylenate (400-800 mg / week); 2. For an experienced athlete – with trenbolone enanthate (300-400 mg / week).

It is better that the application scheme is selected individually. Before using the drug, read the reviews, and most importantly, individually consult with a specialist. The latter can be done at our Forum.

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